museum of Myroslava Kot

3 березня 2015

The exhibition of embroidery and beading

From 3rd February to March 15, 2015 the creative laboratory of the Drohobych State Pedagogical University of Ivan Franco “Artistic Boikovschina” organized an exhibition of embroidery and beading in memory of the honored master of folk art Miroslava Kot. The event took place in the Memorial Complex dedicated to the Fighters for Freedom of Ukraine. On the day of its opening in Striy came a pleiad of Ms. Miroslava’s disciples who managed to impress with their mastership even prominent local masters.

At the same time a number of similar exhibitions took place in Drohobych and Truskavec. The words of Olena Bilas-Berezova – “I don’t believe that she is not amongst us, because she is still with us in her works and in our memory. Her knowledge will continue to live in her followers” – are the leitmotif of that exhibitions.

Life is unpredictable and always introduces corrections. An exhibition of Miroslava Kot in Striy was planned long ago and she was a long awaited guest here. However, on 31st of December, 2014 she passed away. That’s why the solemn part of the presentation of exposition was minor. “Each of us has his own destiny and paves his path by himself. Some people live for their family and relatives, some – for profession and some – to serve their nation and state,” – that was the beginning of the speech of Galina Veres – director of Striy ethnographic museum “Verhovina”. “Miroslava Kot was incredibly talented woman. God granted her two talents: one – for mind, and second for soul. She was a physician and mathematician by her speciality, but in her soul Miroslava was a bright and unmatched artist. After mastering a number of embroidery techniques and constantly improving them, she understood that she was ready to share her knowledge and pass it to her students. She could fascinate with embroidery so strongly that many of her students devoted their lives to the promotion of folk arts. We have not completely estimated yet her huge contribution into the revival of the national art treasury because more time is needed to comprehend it. Today we can only appreciate her talent and to honour her memory by paying tribute to what she did.”

Miroslava Kot loved Striy very much and even called it her second home town. She used to come to Striy quite often and closely communicated with local embroiders, shared her experience and set up future plans. She also had exhibitions in Striy. Current exhibition represents just a small part of her works and best samples of the works of her apprentices who just like their teacher are quite renowned persons in the artistic environment.

This is Nadiya Kuzan – a member of the National Union of the Masters of Folk Art of Ukraine. She is also a candidate of pedagogical sciences, a docent and head of the creative laboratory “Artistic Boikivschina” of the Drohobych State Pedagogical University of Ivan Franco; Lesya Savka – a member of the National Union of the Masters of Folk Art of Ukraine. She is also a candidate of pedagogical sciences and a docent of the department of machine science and technologies of the Drohobych State Pedagogical University of Ivan Franco; Daniela Ivanush – a member of the National Union of the Masters of Folk Art of Ukraine; Olena Bilas-Berezova – a member of the National Union of the Masters of Folk Art of Ukraine and director of the Artistic Msem of Michail Bilas in Truskavec; Galina Lischinska – a member of the National Union of the Masters of Folk Arts of Ukraine and a lecturer of the methodology of professional education and applied decorative crafts at the Drohobych University; Lesya Yavorska – master of pedagogical education, explores Ukrainian national apparels and decorations, an expert of beading.

The visitors of the exhibition willingly shared their memories about Miroslava Kot, putting a particular emphasis on what linked her to Striy. Before the fame of Irina Olshanska she brought her disciples to the local club of embroiders which is a part of the literary-artistic union “Waves of Striy”. Here Miroslava’s disciples learned the depth of her soul expressed in the embroidery of shirts and towels, got more optimism and creative energy and learned rare embroidery techniques.

At the opening ceremomy (from left to right): Lesya Yavorska, Olena Bilas-Berezova, Lesya Savka, Galina Veres, Daniela Ivanush, Nadia Kuzan

Miroslava Kot was always concerned about the future of her works and developments. That is why the creative laboratory “Artistic Boikivschina” was created.

Striyans Vira Nagirna and Olga Savchin who changed Irina Olshanska at the position of the head of the club and a member of the club Natalya Godis shared their memories about their colleague and teacher. The head of the local department of culture Bogdan Boyko very precisely chose the epigraph to the life of Miroslava Kot alluding to the well-known song devoted to Ukrainian embroidery “Two Colours”: “And I will stitch my life on it… ”. He noticed: “If it was possible to read the genetic code hidden in her works it would be obvious that it is us – Ukrainians. She is a spiritual treasure of our culture. A little time has passed since her earth live ended but we already can feel a vacuum, a lack of her wise advices. ”

She taught to love and understand embroidery as a high national mastery. Olena Bilas-Berezova called her an “aristocrat of embroidery”, because Miroslava Kot knew how to present her works to the public in a specific and refined way. She also was a rare person who knew how to use embroidery in everyday life. She was able to practice all this in the period when the Soviet regime tried to erase our Ukrainian code of the nation. It was an act of immense bravery since embroidery was her life.